Jens Stoltenberg addressing the public.

Jens Stoltenberg is the Prime Minister of Norway. In the film Troll Hunter, he appears at the very end of the film, where he is attending the biannual press conference in Oslo on June 25th, 2010. During the conference, he confirms the existence of trolls as well as indirectly confirming the existence of the Troll Security Service, much to Finn Haugen's surprise. 


Early Life and Political CareerEdit

In the context of the film, much of Jens Stoltenberg's life and career in politics is left unknown. However, it can be assumed that it is extremely similar to the real-world version of him.

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Addressing the PublicEdit

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Finn is startled.

On June 25th, 2010, Stoltenberg attended the biannual press conference in Oslo, where he made a speech about Norway's efforts to protect the environment. He says that few people find power grids attractive, to which he agrees. He says that most Norwegian's are pro-electricity, but against power lines, to which he says won't work in the long run. He follows this up by saying, "Norway has trolls," so therefore more power lines are necessary. This startles Finn Haugen, who was attending the conference as the Wildlife Board leader, ending the film. 


  • Jens Stoltenberg was portrayed by himself using archive footage, according to the film's director, Andre Øvredal. 
  • Stoltenberg was actually talking about the troll gas field, rather than the mythological creatures. 

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