A behind-the-scenes photo of Johanna Mørck as Johanna.

Why don't people have the right to know? People are dying! - Johanna confronting Finn Haugen

Johanna Pedersen is a female student and boom operator from Volda University College. She is best friends with Thomas Schøin and Kalle Stensvik. She and her friends wanted to find and film Hans' journey for their college. Throughout the film, she is seen holding a long boom pole to assist in sound. She and her friends a re allowed to join Hans on his journey as long as they always follow his directions. After Hans killed the Jotnar troll, she walked to the highway along with Thomas Schøin and Malika Malay-Olsen, following Hans' orders from earlier. However, Finn Haugen and the Troll Security Service confiscated her and the others, leaving their whereabouts unknown. 


Early Life and CareerEdit

Her early life is unknown. At some point, she befriended Thomas Schøin and Kalle Stensvik, developed an interest in boom operating, and was accepted into Volda University College

Throughout the filmEdit

Assisting the investigation into HansEdit


  • Johanna Pedersen was portrayed by actress Johanna Mørck.
  • She shares the same first name with her actress.
  • Like Kalle, her last name is never said in the film but Is listed in the cast list.