A behind-the-scenes photo of Kalle.

Kalle Stensvik
is a student and cameraman from Volda University College. He is best friends with Thomas Schøien and Johanna Pedersen. Before or during 2008, the three of them wanted to film what they heard on the radio about a "troll hunter" in Norway for their college. For a majority of the film, the camera is held and filmed from the perspective of Kalle. He was allowed along with his friends to accompany Hans in his journey as long as they did everything he asked for. Kalle was killed by a Dovregubben troll because it scented that he was a Christian. Thomas later hired a camerawoman by the name of Malika Malay-Olsen to replace him. 


Early Life and Camera CareerEdit

His early life is unknown. At some point, he became close friends with Thomas and Johanna and they all were accepted into Volda University College. He also developed an interest in camera operating. 

Throughout the filmEdit

Filming the Investigation into HansEdit

  • Kalle checking up on his camera.
  • Kalle and Johanna looking at his camera.


  • Kalle Stensvik was portrayed by actor Tomas Alf Larsen.
  • Kalle's actor shares the same name as another character, Thomas Schøien, with the exception of the "h" being removed.