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The seismologist in the car.

"Who are you?"

"A seismologist." - Hans asking the seismologist who he is.

The seismologist is an unnamed character who appears at the ending of Troll Hunter, when the main characters are driving away from the Jotnar troll. He then walks up to the Troll Security Service's and Finn Haugen's cars, implying that he may work or be affiliated with the TSS.

Very little is known about him other than that he is a seismologist, which has lead to many theories about who he is. 


Early Life and Seismology CareerEdit

Nothing is known about the seismologist's early life or how he became a seismologist.

Throughout the filmEdit

Needing a LiftEdit

  • The seismologist waving to get a lift.
  • The seismologist in the land rover.
  • The seismologist looking out.
When Hans and the students
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Hans asking him who he is, after which he responds.

are driving away from the Jotnar troll that Hans was trying to kill, they see the seismologist waving by the road. They allow him to enter the van. When asked who he is, he simply replies, "A seismologist.


After Hans kills the Jotnar troll and leaves the students, the seismologist is seen walking to the highway with the students. He is the first to see TSS cars approaching, saying, "Look! Over there! Hey!" He then walks up to the the cars and points his arm towards the students who have already begun running away from the the cars. He is never seen again.


Due to his brief and abrupt appearance, many theories have circulated about who he is. Many people believe he was mole for the TSS and Finn, sent by them to give the location of Hans and the students. Some believe he was simply a seismologist sent to investigate quakes around the area by the TSS, due to a radio station saying there were thousands of reported quakes going on in Norway. Some people question if he was really a seismologist, and others believe he was a seismologist though not necessarily affiliated with the TSS. None of these theories have been proven or confirmed yet. 


  • His actor is not known.
  • It was mentioned in a radio report that scientists were examining quakes earlier in the film. It is possible that the seismologist was one of these scientists.