This is a timeline of events in the Troll Hunter universe, separated by years and then days in that year. 

Before the 1970sEdit

  • Trolls come into existence. 


Between the 1970s and the film eventsEdit

Before or during 2008Edit

Before October 13thEdit

  • The events of the film Troll Hunter take place and are recorded. 

October 13thEdit

  • The Filmkameratene AS receive an anonymous package containing two hard disks with 283 minutes (about 4 hours and 43 minutes) of filmed material. They hire a team of investigators to establish whether this was a practical joke or if the material was authentic. 


  • A year after being hired, the team of investigators conclude that the filmed material was authentic. 


June 25thEdit


  • Trollhunter-bureaucracy-1

    Hans incorrectly signed the date of his troll kill as 9/10/09.

    A timeline error is present on Hans’s TSS report form, where it shows he signed the date of the kill as happening on October 9th, 2009 as the date, instead of being 2008 or before. In-universe, it could be explained that Hans simply made a mistake.
  • The events of the film must take place before October 13th, 2008, as the disks and footage of their journey from the film are sent to the Filmkameratene AS on that date. However, the date on which the events of the film is left ambiguous, which is why it is referred to as "before or during 2008" in this timeline.